Friday, June 29, 2012

Third Draft

Since I am not ready to build yet, all I can really do is design. As I mentioned last post, I had a few more ideas. Lets go back to the start though.

First Draft
This was basically building a desk with glass. It was my way of getting out there what I wanted to do. The big issue though would be the height of the surface. I feel like I would be raising my arms to much or there would not be enough leg room.

Second Draft
 Here is my idea for reducing the height of the desk top. Not to bad but I think it increases the complexity.

Third Draft

This is getting really close to the final draft. I decided to go with a built in desk rather than one you can take with you when you move. This is at our first house so we will be here for a while.The three pillars will be the base of the desk, but it will also be attached to the wall. The pillars will have the space for interchangable draws. I want to have either normal sized draws or double sized file cabinate style draws. They will be interchangable and Ill make a couple of spares.Each PC will be under glass and I will have the HD's there as well.All the cords will be hidden in the back. 

I was thinking of making the desktops like those old fassion desks we used to have at school so I can lift it for additional storage. I also need to fit a Network switch in there so maybe that can go under one of them. It could also be used to hide away the Keaboard/Mouse.

The DVD Roms will probably be at the front (On top of the draw).

The middle PC will probably end up being remote access only. with no KB/Mouse.

Behind the Middle glass Panel I will probably add some USB Ports for the Left and Right PC's for KN/Mouse and USB and power reset buttons as well. 

The underside of the desk is angled to allow for more leg room.
Still a while away from making this happen, but we will see if I come up with a fourth draft:)

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