Friday, June 24, 2011


One thing I really liked about the L3p D3sk was his monitor setup. He has a Vertical 17" Dell on either side of a 27" Dell. It works out quite well as the Vertical Dells are the same height as the Horizontal 27".

I am a bit of a fan of Samsung Monitors and TV's, and they do not have an easily available 17", at least not that i have found.

Instead I will probably go with a pair of S20A300B 20" monitors vertically surrounding a S27A350H 27".

I mainly use my PC for either Games or Study (I'm doing a Double Masters at Uni). I like the idea of the Vertical Monitors since they are simular dimensions to an A4 page, which makes reading articles quite easy. Having a nice big screen in the centre is good for the gaming side.

This is all on the Left side of the Desk, the HIS side. For my lovely wife, who loves her blogs and music, I will use my existing 22" Samsung’s side by side.